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One Of The Greatest Stories In Black History, That You've Never Heard

"There can only be one first, and once it's gone, it's gone forever." Lelia Foley Davis is America's first-ever Black female Mayor, elected in 1973 and holding office for nearly twenty years. Overcoming not only the deep and prevalent racism of the time, but also the barriers against women that held so many back in politics, she is still fighting today for the survival of her town, one of the first, and few remaining, historically Black towns in America.

Lelia's own mother fled on foot from the horrible Black Wall Street Race Massacre in Tulsa in 1921. With the city in flames behind her, she found her way to Taft, Oklahoma, where Lelia would be born, raise children of her own, and go on to hold office, meeting U.S. Presidents, bringing national attention to her town, and dedicating her life to it.

So why hasn't everyone heard of Lelia? Why are our children not learning about her in school? We are using the power of film to change that.

Bromont Program is proud to have partnered with Lelia, to shoot a film that preserves the legacy of such a pioneer, solidifies Taft in its rightful place in history, and inspires future generations to overcome adversity, be proud of the strength in their heritage, and change the narrative. For more information, and to get involved, email us at


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